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digraph finite_state_machine {
rankdir = "LR"
/* Execution Contexts */
node [shape=Mrecord, fillcolor=beige, style=filled];
top [label="<__proto__>[ Scope ]|<tim>tim|<jack>jack"];
/* Normal Objects */
node [shape = Mrecord, fillcolor=lightskyblue, style=filled];
obj1 [label = "<__proto__>[ Object ]|<name>name|<age>age|<isProgrammer>isProgrammer|<likesJavaScript>likesJavaScript"];
obj2 [label = "<__proto__>[ Object ]|<name>name|<age>age"];
/* Literals */
node [shape = plaintext, fillcolor=gray92, style="filled,rounded"];
s_tim [label="\"Tim Caswell\""]
s_jack [label="\"Jack Caswell\""]
true [label="true"]
n4 [label="4"]
n28 [label="28"]
/* References */
top:tim -> obj1:__proto__;
obj1:name -> s_tim;
obj1:age -> n28;
obj1:isProgrammer -> true;
obj1:likesJavaScript -> true;
top:jack -> obj2:__proto__;
obj2:name -> s_jack;
obj2:age -> n4;
/* Inheritance Chains */
edge [style=dashed]
obj2:__proto__ -> obj1:__proto__;
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