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I had to use sudo for these to work.

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# Installing a Node service on a Joyent SmartMachine
This article will teach you how to get up and running with [Node.js](
@@ -89,8 +88,8 @@ so that they don't get in the way.
If that's the case, run these commands to turn off those other servers:
- svcadm disable apache
- svcadm disable nginx
+ sudo svcadm disable apache
+ sudo svcadm disable nginx
## The `Hello, world!` program
@@ -143,7 +142,7 @@ I went ahead and created a
file for this purpose. So, download that, and add it to the system configuration:
- svccfg import node-hello-world-service-manifest.xml
+ sudo svccfg import node-hello-world-service-manifest.xml
If you've cloned the [git repo](,
then you can of course `svccfg` it from there, instead.
@@ -156,11 +155,11 @@ you ever wanted to know about smf template files, see `man 5 smf_template`.
Starting a service is a simple one-liner:
- svcadm enable node-hello-world-service
+ sudo svcadm enable node-hello-world-service
To stop the service is also predictably simple:
- svcadm disable node-hello-world-service
+ sudo svcadm disable node-hello-world-service
Once you get tired of stopping and starting the service, start it one last time,
and then [load up your SmartMachine URL in a web browser](

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