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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ It'll save a bit of wgetting and curling.
## Step 1: Get Your SmartMachine
-Head on over to [Joyent]( and provision
+Head on over to [Joyent]( and provision
yourself up a shiny new SmartMachine. I got mine at <>.
To make this a bit easier, I set up a variable in my bash session so that I wouldn't
have to keep typing that.
@@ -230,5 +230,6 @@ At this point, the logs should look like this:
[ Sep 14 01:09:07 Enabled. ]
[ Sep 14 01:09:07 Executing start method ("/home/admin/local/bin/node /home/admin/hello-world/server.js"). ]
-And hitting the site in a web browser shows it working.
+And hitting the site in a web browser or `curl` should
+show it working.

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