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Don't compile node manually

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@@ -49,27 +49,28 @@ Change the admin password while you're in there:
## Installing node and npm
-Make sure that `~/local/bin` is in your `$PATH`. That's where we'll be
-installing things, so that we don't have to use sudo.
+Make sure that `~/local/bin` is in your `$PATH`. That's where we'll have
+npm install things, so that we don't have to use sudo.
echo 'export PATH=$HOME/local/bin:${PATH}' >> ~/.bashrc
Install node:
- mkdir node
- cd node
- curl | gtar xz --strip 1
- JOBS=1 ./configure --prefix=$HOME/local && make install
-This will download node and install it into the `~/local/bin` folder.
+ sudo pkgin update
+ sudo pkgin install nodejs
Because Solaris has a slightly different `tar` program, and npm expects the
GNU-compatible version, we'll set that as a config option ahead of time:
- echo tar = gtar > ~/.npmrc
+ echo tar = gtar >> ~/.npmrc
+Because we've installed node in a global location, we also need to tell npm
+where to put modules and executables. Otherwise you have to use sudo with
+npm, which is very not recommended.
-You could also set the `TAR` environ, just like you set the `PATH` above, but
-this way won't affect any other programs.
+ echo root = $HOME"/.node_libraries" >> ~/.npmrc
+ echo binroot = $HOME"/local/bin" >> ~/.npmrc
+ echo manroot = $HOME"/local/share/man" >> ~/.npmrc
At this point, npm will work by default, without requiring any special
privileges. Go ahead and bootstrap it:
@@ -119,7 +120,7 @@ Save that to `~/hello-world/server.js`.
Let's make sure everything is kosher at this point.
$ which node
- /home/admin/local/bin/node
+ /opt/local/bin/node
$ sudo node hello-world/server.js

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