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@@ -17,14 +17,18 @@ from here, or symlink it wherever you want.
install <version> Install the version passed (ex: 0.1.103)
use <version> Enter a subshell where <version> is being used
use <ver> <program> Enter a subshell, and run "node <program>", then exit
- usemain <version> Install in /usr/local/bin
+ usemain <version> Install in /usr/local/bin (ie, use as your main nodejs)
clean <version> Delete the source code for <version>
uninstall <version> Delete the install for <version>
ls List versions currently installed
ls-remote List remote node versions
ls-all List remote and local node versions
+ latest Show the most recent dist version
help Output help information
+ <version> can be the string "latest" to get the latest distribution.
+ <version> can be the string "stable" to get the latest stable version.
That's about it. Enjoy.
## env vars
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