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#include <v8.h>
#include <node.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
using namespace std;
using namespace node;
using namespace v8;
static Handle<Value> DoSomethingAsync (const Arguments&);
static int DoSomething (eio_req *);
static int DoSomething_After (eio_req *);
extern "C" void init (Handle<Object>);
struct simple_request {
int x;
int y;
Persistent<Function> cb;
// maybe it matters to put the char[] last? not sure.
char name[1];
static Handle<Value> DoSomethingAsync (const Arguments& args) {
HandleScope scope;
const char *usage = "usage: doSomething(x, y, name, cb)";
if (args.Length() != 4) {
return ThrowException(Exception::Error(String::New(usage)));
int x = args[0]->Int32Value();
int y = args[1]->Int32Value();
String::Utf8Value name(args[2]);
Local<Function> cb = Local<Function>::Cast(args[3]);
simple_request *sr = (simple_request *)
malloc(sizeof(struct simple_request) + name.length() + 1);
sr->cb = Persistent<Function>::New(cb);
strncpy(sr->name, *name, name.length() + 1);
sr->x = x;
sr->y = y;
eio_custom(DoSomething, EIO_PRI_DEFAULT, DoSomething_After, sr);
return Undefined();
// this function happens on the thread pool
// doing v8 things in here will make bad happen.
static int DoSomething (eio_req *req) {
struct simple_request * sr = (struct simple_request *)req->data;
sleep(2); // just to make it less pointless to be async.
req->result = sr->x + sr->y;
return 0;
static int DoSomething_After (eio_req *req) {
HandleScope scope;
struct simple_request * sr = (struct simple_request *)req->data;
Local<Value> argv[3];
argv[0] = Local<Value>::New(Null());
argv[1] = Integer::New(req->result);
argv[2] = String::New(sr->name);
TryCatch try_catch;
sr->cb->Call(Context::GetCurrent()->Global(), 3, argv);
if (try_catch.HasCaught()) {
return 0;
extern "C" void init (Handle<Object> target) {
HandleScope scope;
NODE_SET_METHOD(target, "doSomething", DoSomethingAsync);