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Maybe mention in description that it's not "monkey-patching' anymore? #13

myrne opened this Issue Apr 10, 2013 · 5 comments

4 participants

myrne commented Apr 10, 2013

Description says "fs monkey-patching to avoid EMFILE and other problems".
As far as I can tell, graceful-fs functions as a kind of proxy for regular fs module, but doesn't change it.


This can be closed now. It's monkey patching again. You can't use graceful-fs without affecting the rest of your codebase.

isaacs commented Oct 15, 2013

Yeah, there's no way to make it work without monkey patching, unfortunately.

@isaacs isaacs closed this Oct 15, 2013

Considering this, why isn't this part of the core? I don't understand why we have to include a module to avoid errors.


It would be really handy if there were an option to enable this behavior, for example, when creating a fs.WriteStream.

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