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Easier API, more readable docs #47

devinrhode2 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Devin Rhode Ian Young
Devin Rhode

I've never made a contribution to an open source project before, so please give me feedback.

I didn't find the readme/docs very readable, so I'm editing them as I see fit, while retaining the authors original content.

I also wondered why --no-restart-on error wouldn't be the default, so I'm planning on changing this API to a more user-friendly version where this is the default option, but you can pass an option --keep-restarting where the server will continually attempt to restart. I doubt most people want their console filled with a bunch of debugging messages flying by so fast they can't read them. Also adding a --no-restart-on-exit to retain the original no restart on exit functionality.

I was also annoyed with all the debugging messages, so I'm planning on changing the --quiet option to instead be the opposite --debug option to turn debugging on instead of having to turn it off. Un-necessary debug messages make it harder to spot real errors.

This is important to me because as I encourage those around me to use node, I'm also going to have to recommend this module. I want to help increase node adoption, so I feel these changes reflect a much nicer and user friendly api.

Ian Young

Whoops, read #48 before I read this one. I like your --debug idea - there's no real need for it to be noisy by default. And if you have general changes to the docs that aren't related to the other features, send those as a separate PR - I can get them reviewed and merged much faster than new features.

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