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t.equivalent may fail when object has a property with `null` value. #89

chakrit opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Test code:

var tap = require('tap');

tap.test(function(t) {
  var a = { hello: 'world', another: { nested: 'object' } }
    , b = { hello: 'world', another: null };

  t.equivalent(a, b, 'should just fails.');

Running node test.js results in

TAP version 13
# (anonymous)
not ok 1 TypeError: Cannot convert null to object
    type:    TypeError
    message: Cannot convert null to object
    code:    null_to_object
    errno:   ~
    file:    /private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/node_modules/traverse/index.js
    line:    13
    column:  36
      - hasOwnProperty (native)
      - Traverse.get (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/node_modules/traverse/index.js:13:36)
      - Function.traverse.(anonymous function) [as get] (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/node_modules/traverse/index.js:308:23)
      - Object.<anonymous> (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/index.js:212:40)
      - /private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/node_modules/traverse/index.js:206:50
      - Array.forEach (native)
      - forEach (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/node_modules/traverse/index.js:298:31)
      - walker (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/node_modules/traverse/index.js:203:13)
      - /private/tmp/node_modules/tap/node_modules/difflet/node_modules/traverse/index.js:208:29
      - Array.forEach (native)
    thrown:  true

# tests 1
# fail  1

However if a, b is swapped during the test, it works fine (and report the failure and diff as expected):

TAP version 13
# (anonymous)
not ok 1 should just fails.
    file:   /private/tmp/test.js
    line:   8
    column: 5
      - getCaller (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-assert.js:418:17)
      - assert (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-assert.js:21:16)
      - Function.equivalent (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-assert.js:182:12)
      - Test._testAssert [as equivalent] (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-test.js:87:16)
      - Test.<anonymous> (/private/tmp/test.js:8:5)
      - Test.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20)
      - Test.emit (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-test.js:104:8)
      - GlobalHarness.Harness.process (/private/tmp/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-harness.js:87:13)
      - process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)
      - Function.Module.runMain (module.js:499:11)
      hello:   world
      another: ~
      hello:   world
        nested: object
    diff:   |
        "hello" : "world",
        "another" : �[34m�[1mnull�[0m

# tests 1
# fail  1

Although I can't reproduce this, in some tests that I am writing this also crash the tap runner (leading me to report this issue). When it does, only the node stacktrace is printed to stdout and the no report is printed in the output at all.


Seems this is a difflet issue. Filed: substack/difflet#17

Will close this once I've confirmed the fix.


This has been fixed by substack/js-traverse#28


Confirm fixed.

The colored diff only appears when the arguments are in the a, b order, thoguh. But that's not a big deal.

@chakrit chakrit closed this
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