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Documentation for path module changes.

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@@ -1539,15 +1539,29 @@ node> require("path").dirname("/foo/bar/baz/asdf/quux")
++path.basename(p, ext)+::
Return the last portion of a path. Similar to the Unix +basename+ command. Example:
-node> require("path").filename("/foo/bar/baz/asdf/quux")
+node> require("path").filename("/foo/bar/baz/asdf/quux.html")
+node> require("path").filename("/foo/bar/baz/asdf/quux.html", ".html")
+Return the extension of the path. Everything after the last '.', if there
+is no '.' then it returns an empty string. Examples:
+node> require("path").extname("index.html")
+node> require("path").extname("index")
+path.exists(p, callback)+::
Test whether or not the given path exists. Then, call the +callback+ argument with either true or false. Example:
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