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Commits on Apr 18, 2011
  1. Revert the comma-last change to sys.inspect

    It's just too ugly.
  2. Add history-search-backward and history-search-forward functionality.

    Make up and down scroll through history entries prefixed with entered text.
    Ex: history contains (ls,pwd,echo "foo",ps aux)
    type: p(UP) --> scrolls through "ps aux" and "pwd", skips echo and ls.
    Like putting this in an .inputrc file:
    "\e[A": history-search-backward
    "\e[B": history-search-forward
    "\e[C": forward-char
    "\e[D": backward-char
  3. docs for chown/chmod

Commits on Apr 15, 2011
  1. GH-853 fs.lchown and fs.lchmod

  2. GH-853 fs.fchmod and fs.fchown

  3. @ry

    Add covhtml.js tool

    ry committed
  4. @ry

    Add --cov code coverage option

    ry committed
Commits on Apr 14, 2011
  1. @felixge @ry

    Feature: WriteStream#bytesWritten property

    felixge committed with ry
    Implemented a new property for writable file streams that keeps track
    of the bytes written (not queued). This helps when you are piping
    another stream to a file, and would like to know how big the file is
    without having to issue another stat call.
    closes #930
  2. @postwait @ry


    postwait committed with ry
    fixes #873
  3. @postwait @ry

    allow setting of ciphers in credentials

    postwait committed with ry
    fixes #873
  4. @postwait @ry

    TLS: Add secureOptions flag

    postwait committed with ry
    Also, secureOptions flag was added (and passed through) and allows
    the context to have all supported SSL_OP_* set via createCredentials.
    All SSL_OP_ flags (outside of ALL) have been added to constants.
  5. @ry

    Merge branch 'v0.4'

    ry committed
  6. @postwait @ry

    Pass secureProtocol through on tls.Server creation

    postwait committed with ry
    The secureProtocol option to building the SSL context was not being properly
    passed through in the credentials in the tls code. This is fixed.
  7. @ry

    Add os.cpus() and os.uptime() support for sunos

    Scott McWhirter committed with ry
  8. @ry

    Revert "Add os.cpus() and os.uptime() support for sunos"

    ry committed
    Cherry-pick fail. Breaks linux. Will land again shortly.
    This reverts commit e8cf98c.
    This reverts commit d953856.
    This reverts commit 752bbd6.
  9. @ry

    Add os.cpus() and os.uptime() support for sunos

    Scott McWhirter committed with ry
Commits on Apr 13, 2011
  1. @ry

    Test to demonstrate #892

    ry committed
  2. @mscdex @ry
  3. @koichik @ry
  4. @felixge @ry

    Allow omission of end option for range reads

    felixge committed with ry
    Problem: Sometimes it is useful to read a file from a certain position
    to it's end. The current implementation was already perfectly capable
    of this, but decided to throw an error when the user tried to omit
    the end option. The only way to do this, was to pass {end: Infinity}.
    Solution: Automatically assume {end: Infinity} when omitted, and remove
    the previous exception thrown. Also updated the docs.
    closes #801.
  5. @ry
  6. @ncb000gt @ry

    Lowercase protocol and hostname since casing isn't significant.

    ncb000gt committed with ry
    Signed-off-by: Nick Campbell <>
Commits on Apr 12, 2011
  1. @kuebk @ry

    Fixes the circular reference in vm modules.

    kuebk committed with ry
    Fixes the circular reference problem. Closes GH-822.
  2. @ry

    Add docs about Buffer._charsWritten

    ry committed
    Fixes GH-907.
  3. @abram @ry
  4. @felixge @ry

    Allow to remove all EventEmitter listeners at once

    felixge committed with ry
    This patch adds support for calling EventEmitter#removeAllListeners
    with no parameters in order to remove all listeners as once.
    See discussion:!topic/nodejs-dev/Mcyal1ThTHY
    Closes GH-889.
  5. @ry

    Fix doc - no setBodyEnocoding anymore

    ry committed
    Thanks Frederic. Closes GH-859.
  6. @koichik @ry
  7. @koichik @ry
  8. @ry

    Remove extra kstat_open

    Scott McWhirter committed with ry
  9. @ry

    Add os.cpus() support for sunos

    Scott McWhirter committed with ry
  10. @ry
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