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read(1) for node.

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For reading user input from stdin.

Similar to the readline builtin's question() method, but with a few more features.


var read = require("read")
read(options, callback)

The callback gets called with either the user input, or the default specified, or an error, as callback(error, result, isDefault) node style.


Every option is optional.

  • prompt What to write to stdout before reading input.
  • silent Don't echo the output as the user types it.
  • timeout Number of ms to wait for user input before giving up.
  • default The default value if the user enters nothing.
  • edit Allow the user to edit the default value.
  • terminal Treat the output as a TTY, whether it is or not.
  • stdin Readable stream to get input data from. (default process.stdin)
  • stdout Writeable stream to write prompts to. (default: process.stdout)

If silent is true, and the input is a TTY, then read will set raw mode, and read character by character.


Patches welcome.

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