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pekim commented Feb 11, 2011

If node_modules contains directories, then ryp ls works fine
|-- node_modules
-- xxx | |-- lib | |-- my-module.js
`-- package.json

The output is:

However if there is a js module directly in node_modules, then ryp ls recurses forever.
|-- node_modules
`-- my-module.js

The output is:

I think that the problem is that is trying to cd into the js file.

As node (0.4.0) supports js modules directly in node_modules it would be nice if ryp tolerated them.

pekim commented Feb 11, 2011

Only recursing in to directories seems to work. So instead of
( cd "$i" &>/dev/null ; ls_ $pref/$i ) || true
if [ -d $pref/$i ]; then
( cd "$i" &>/dev/null ; ls_ $pref/$i ) || true

My bash skills are weak, so there's probably a better solution.

isaacs commented Feb 11, 2011

Closed by b4461f4 Don't cd into files

This issue was closed.
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