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try/catch around require('stream') will not save you #63

seebees opened this Issue · 7 comments

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You have a try/catch here but you use Stream.prototype.on here

Not a big deal, but I would humbly suggest either dropping the try/catch and all the checking here or adding some kind of on/emit logic to support browsers or other non-node environments.

Your documentation implies you want to support browsers and CommonJS environments so does that mean you want a pull request for a simple on/emit?


I'm using sax-js in browser, and it tries to load stream.js
@seebees how to avoid it?


Are you objecting to the try/catch? It should not throw an error. The problem is when SAXStream tries to emit anything.

The Stream class created in the try/catch block needs to implement an on and an emit
The complexity and efficiency should be commensurate with your needs.


I just would like to avoid unnecessary 404 request of stream.js . What is correct way for it? May be there should be configurable option for disabling stream retrieving?


The require('stream') call also causes issues using sax in a RequireJS environment. The problem is, that require is also defined in RequireJS but it works completely different and catches and reports the error internally. You could have a look at for a way to load other modules in different environments.


I'm not too familiar with node, but does requiring "stream" make any sense at all when running in a browser? Maybe we could add a check for typeof window !== "undefined"?


You can do process.browser which is supported by browserify and webpack

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