A simple fast node http server toolkit.
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A simple fast node http server. More a toolkit than a platform.


  • easy to do common things.
  • possible to do uncommon things.
  • small enough to rewrite easily

So far

  • File Serving
  • Auto indexing
  • Directory indexing
  • ejs parser
  • a crappy router

Up Next

  • Configurable logging statements (dumping everything now, it's perty noisy)
  • Custom error pages
  • More eventedness/AOP/etc. A way for plugins to alter the behavior of the server, without necessarily being one of the actions in the chain
  • some scripts to wrap up the core server, and do stuff like start, stop, point &2 at a log file, etc.
  • a non-crappy url-to-function router
  • testing
  • Documentation!