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Add security notice re 0.2.5

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@@ -234,3 +234,17 @@ object before passing it to the mount function.
This is useful if you want to get the benefits of caching and gzipping
and such, but serve stylus files as css, for example.
+## Security Status
+Versions prior to 0.2.5 did not properly prevent folder traversal.
+Literal dots in a path were resolved out, but url encoded dots were
+not. Thus, a request like
+`/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/%2e%2e/etc/passwd` would leak sensitive
+data from the server.
+As of version 0.2.5, any `'/../'` in the request path, urlencoded or
+not, will be replaced with `'/'`. If your application depends on url
+traversal, then you are encouraged to please refactor so that you do
+not depend on having `..` in url paths, as this tends to expose data
+that you may be surprised to be exposing.
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