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Packaging script

There is a packaging script located in this directory (./platforms/ubuntu) called which may be used to create and upload a new package to Usage:

  • Update debian/changelog and add a new changelog message. Respect the version convention. Packaging changes should increment the package version, while upstream source changes should increment the minor/ major version. For example package-0.4.0-0ubuntu1 goes to package-0.4.0-0ubuntu2 for packaging changes. For upstream source changes, the minor or major version should change, like package-0.4.1-0ubuntu1. The packaging version always starts at 1.
  • Run ./ with no arguments, which will build and upload the package to the "mapbox-dev" PPA.
  • Use the -p (production) flag, like ./ -p to push a build up to the main "mapbox" PPA.

Resources on packaging

Testing builds with Pbuilder

If your package depends on other PPA's, as does TileMill and TileStream (nodejs, for example), you can build a pbuilder chroot which will include those PPA's. For example, first use this script in your ~/.pbuilderrc, then, when you create your pbuilder environment, run the command like

sudo DIST=maverick pbuilder create --override-config --othermirror="\deb maverick main | deb maverick main"

which will make sure the required PPA's are available within your pbuilder chroot when running test builds. To use this pbuilder, provided you've put the above linked script into ~/.pbuilderrc, just run sudo DIST=maverick pbuilder build tilemill_0.4.1-0.dsc

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