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@joyent @nodefirm @npm @tapjs
Tim Caswell creationix

Rackspace Red Lick, TX, USA

Michael Stillwell ithinkihaveacat

Google Developer Relations, JavaScript, TypeScript, and other things.

@google London

Matt Hackett matthackedit

the galaxy is at peace

Lost Decade Games Los Angeles, CA

Stephen Woods saw

Currently working @salesforce

Yahoo! 94110

Dustin Whittle dustinwhittle


@uber San Francisco, California, USA

Reid Burke reid

Loving people, building software. Interested in the creative use of technology to help people. @yahoo since 2008, @awakening-church since 2010.

@yahoo Santa Clara, California

Geoff Blair geoffb

Code, Games, & Snow. Co-founder of @lostdecade.

@lostdecade San Diego, CA