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Blogged: Delete Your Tests

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+title: Delete Your Tests
+layout: blog_post
+Have you ever deleted a test because it kept breaking? I delete tests all the
+time. I enjoy deleting tests. __almost as much as I like deleting the code they
+test__. I have been deleting tests that tie me to my implmentation. The tests I
+delete are the ones that drive me to my implementation, and the tests that I
+leave are the ones that test behavior in my code.
+##What kind of tests are good to delete?
+Here is a spec file on my [Githubris](
+<script src=""> </script>
+##How do I keep the behavior covered?
+After pulling the attribute behavior into a superclass, I can test the generic
+parts of the code above.
+This is the code that I am testing now, instead of the individual methods:
+<script src=""> </script>
+##Why delete tests?
+There's nothing in Test-Driven Development that says you should keep the
+tests forever. I feel that once you write the test that gets you to where you
+are going, you should not let it keep you from moving forward. Many times, I
+will write a test that says what arguments I give to the method. A test like
+that is there to get me to write the method definition. After I have the tests
+for its behavior, I will delete the test that keeps me pinned to a certain
+Michael Feathers has many good reasons that tests aren't safe from deletion. In
+his blog post [Taking Automated Tests Off The Pedestal](,
+he implores the reader to consider true quality when testing. In my opinion, a
+test that holds a project from moving forward is definitely impeding quality.
+I will delete a test when it starts to cause friction for me. If I keep hitting
+a test, and it provides little value, then I will delete it. My tests are not
+gospel, and catering to the tests hurts my projects.
+If you would like to talk further about this, please comment below or email me
+at [](
+Now go, and delete some specs!
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