A JavaScript sidebar/mobile site to show current weather and upcoming forecasts using the Dark Sky API
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Weather Sidebar


This is a cross-browser weather forecast sidebar. It shows the current temperature and weather, along with an hourly forecast for the next 12 hours, using the Dark Sky API.

Weather icons can use native emoji (the default on most systems) or Twitter emoji (the default on Windows 7 and prior.)

Weather Sidebar does not have any name / zipcode support for location lookup at this time. Instead, either use the browser's geolocation support (default) or enter your own latitude/longitude in the settings area.

Browser requirements:


  • master: Pure JavaScript, no compilation required. Requires async/await support in the browser.
  • legacy-support: Uses TypeScript to compile async functions into code that uses Promise callbacks, which expands browser support to pretty much anything that supports localStorage and JSON. Also adds various polyfills (most of which are loaded only if needed) to provide support for Clasilla and possibly other niche or legacy browsers.