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node.js + php realtime browser-based chat app supporting multiple rooms. Based on ry/node_chat.
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Twich web-based chat (
by Isaac Su (, @isaacsu)

based on

For discussions and support please visit

Please drop me a line when you've got a site running.
I would love to hear of twich servers running in the wild.


This are a set of php scripts that serve up the client files and organize the rooms.

1. Create a vhost in Apache and point it to this folder. You will require mod_rewrite for it to function properly.

2. Copy www/_config.php.sample to www/_config.php and enter your own configuration settings. These help to customize the javascript files that are served to the client.

    var $port = 443; // Port that  node server is listening on
    var $domain = ''; //domain name of node server
    var $analyticsAccount = ''; // Google Analytics account
    var $analyticsDomainName = ''; // Google Analytics domain name

3. Edit .htaccess and put your own domain name in instead of

4. www/ is all set up.

This is the actual node server. 

1. Configuration is in config.js. The only one you should be worrying about is port:443. This has to match $port in _config.php.

2. Start the node server by typing: node server.js
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