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Localization: Implementation and Testing... Locally


So you have a product and are planning to ship to a global audience. But you’re still using dun dun dun hard coded English strings! In this talk, you’ll learn how to set up the infrastructure for localization in your React app and how to test your implementations locally, without needing to speak another language!

Length: 30 mins

Level: Intermediate



  • Provide an overview on localization and tooling used
  • Show how to add localization to strings in your product
  • Show how to update tests to handle localized strings
  • Show how to manually test localized strings in a local dev environment

This talk will include code snippets, but no live coding. To start, I’ll give an overview of localization and its importance. Then, I’ll jump into code samples that show step by step of how to add localization to strings in an existing React app and refactor your app structure to easily support localization. Then, I’ll show how to update Jest tests to handle localization and how to test in a local dev environment that localization is being applied properly.

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