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Starting from Scratch: The Startup's Guide to Creating a Design System


A solid design system is one of the most important things to make sure your product and brand is consistent and relays the same message to users across the board. In this talk, we’ll cover how to create a design system that nails how you want to convey your brand - from colors to typography to tone.

Level: Intermediate

Length: 60 mins



  • Provide an overview on what a design system entails
  • Explain how to create a design system from the ground up, including colors, typography, and tone

This talk is slides-based, with a focus on providing both an overview of design systems in general and deep-diving into various aspects of design systems, including choosing color palettes, typography, tone, and copy. This talk will also cover how to approach design semantically and provide suggestions on tooling for creating and maintaining design systems. This talk is geared at developers with some background in UI/UX and new designers.

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