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Add software specs and Software Application microdata to your downloads when using Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

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EDD Software Specs

Add software specs and Software Application microdata to your downloads when using Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

This is an extension for Easy Digital Downloads that does several things if you enable it for a download:

  • It adds a Specs table below your single download content. The Specs table displays these:

    • Release date
    • Last updated date
    • Current version
    • Software application type
    • File format
    • File size
    • Requirements
    • Price
    • Currency code

You can leave a field blank to omit that row from the table. There are 2 exceptions to this.

  1. The Last updated date field, since leaving that field blank will disable the entire table.
  2. The Version field. This plugin is compatible with EDD Software Licensing plugin and with EDD Changelog Plugin. If EDD Software Licensing plugin is present, and you have enabled it for a download, that version will override this version in the Specs table on the downloads page. In that case, if you leave the Specs version field blank, the Specs table on the site will still show the version from EDD Software Licensing. So, EDD Software Specs plugin gives priority to the version entered in EDD Software Licensing plugin, then EDD Changelog Plugin, in that order.

    In addition to leaving fields blank, you can add code to add more rows to the table (see FAQs).

  • It replaces EDD's default microdata itemptype Product with SoftwareApplication.

  • It moves the microdata itemtype declaration up to the body element so as to nest the name property within the itemscope. *

  • It adds offers, price, and currency microdata in order to generate Google rich snippets for Software Applications.

  • In addition, it adds these microdata properties of SoftwareApplication:

  • It adds the "Current Version" of the download to the purchase receipt "Products" list (on EDD's edd_receipt shortcode shortcode). This is only if EDD Software Licensing plugin and EDD Changelog Plugin are not active.

  • It lets you enable the Specs table only for downloads that need it.

How To Enable Specs For a Download

To enable it, fill in the Date of Last Update field for a download. If that field is blank, no Specs table will show up for that download, and Microdata will not be altered for that download.

Download the plugin from WordPress: EDD - Software Specs

Frequently Asked Questions

See this plugin's FAQ at WordPress.

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