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A dark theme for Github that uses Isabella's palette.
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Isabella for Github.

isabella for github screenshot

You can use Stylus to use this css.

I will eventually put this on for easy installation. But right now the skin isn't done and I'm not sure how many users ever bother to update styles once installed, so I'm waiting until things aren't broken before I put it there.

If you want to install it now, even though it's not done:

  1. Copy the code from here
  2. Click the Stylus icon in your toolbar and then click "Manage" in the menu that opens.
  3. Click "Write new style" on the left.
  4. Click "Import
  5. Paste the code and then click "Overwrite style" at the bottom of the import dialog.
  6. Name the style "Isabella for Github" or "isabella-github" and then click "Save"

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