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A gtk theme generated from Arc using Isabella's palette.
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Isabella Gnome and GTK

or "Arc Grey"

This is a theme for gtk and gnome-shell. I generated it from Arc using the "change_color" bash script from the Arc repo and then further manually modified various elements. It's not perfect, for example I would change the window buttons but I don't know enough about gtk theming to actually do that.

The icons are also modified from the Arc icon theme, I just dropped them in GIMP and made them orange.

gtk screenshot


Put "Isabella" and/or "Isabella-Light" in ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes. Then put "Isabella-Icons" in ~/.icons or /usr/share/icons.

Or, using your terminal, enter these commands:

git clone && cd isabella-gnome
mv Isabella ~/.themes
mv Isabella-Light ~/.themes
mv Isabella-Icons ~/.icons

If you want to download Arc and then manually generate this theme, here are the commands for that:

git clone --depth 1 && cd arc-theme
./ --output Isabella <(echo -e "BG=333335\nFG=d1d1d1\nHDR_BG=101013\nHDR_FG=d1d1d1\nSEL_BG=be4318\nSEL_FG=d1d1d1\nTXT_BG=2c2c2c\nTXT_FG=d1d1d1\nBTN_BG=2c2c2c\nBTN_FG=d1d1d1\n")
./ --output Isabella-Light <(echo -e "BG=f9f9f9\nFG=4c4f59\nHDR_BG=cccccc\nHDR_FG=4c4f59\nSEL_BG=be4318\nSEL_FG=d1d1d1\nTXT_BG=e5e5e5\nTXT_FG=4c4f59\nBTN_BG=e5e5e5\nBTN_FG=4c4f59\n")

But some colours will be off with this method because the script isn't perfect. I had to further modify the generated files in order to make various aspects of gnome-shell legible.

Need more help? Get in touch!

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