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The universal color scheme
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The universal color scheme.
We were there...

Supported Applications


I plan on eventually using this color scheme in virtually every app and website I regularly use. Right now there's a color scheme available for Sublime Text, and themes available for Vivaldi and Gnome. There's a Discord skin in progress as well, and support for Github and Google voice is coming too.

Other applications and sites I plan on supporting are Adium (Empathy), Atom, Steam, Google, DuckDuckGo, and the Vivaldi Forums. If there's an app or site you want support for feel free to create an issue to request it, or write one and submit a pull request.

Why are you storing screenshots in this repo?

I prefer to upload images to external hosting solutions such as Imgur and Discord if possible, but in doing this with some of the gifs I was getting the error from Github, "Content length exceeded." I Googled it and it seems most people just end up hosting their screenshots and gifs in the repo locally. So I decided that, if I have no realistic alternative, I should put them in this repo since this is the repo for the Isabella site, which serves as nothing more than a convenient place to host the links to all the various Isabella repos in a pretty interface. So there's very little reason anyone should want to clone this repo, since there's no real code here except some basic html and css. But just a heads up if you do want to clone this repo, there are some relatively large images and gifs here.


Because the gtk theme and the Vivaldi theme uses graphics from the Arc gtk theme, I've decided to use the same license as Arc, which is the GPL-3.0

If I ever learn enough about gtk theming to write my own skin I'll likely take a queue from the Dracula colour scheme and relicense to MIT.


Need more help? Get in touch!

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