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Integrates Vivaldi with Isabella by making it look more like a gtk app.
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Isabella for Vivaldi

The custom css is completely optional, because Vivaldi supports using custom colours in the settings menu, but using it will make Vivaldi use the window buttons from the Isabella gtk theme and includes several other features. See for information about using the custom css file, otherwise see below for the colour values for Vivaldi's settings.

Open Vivaldi settings > Themes, click the "+" icon to add a new theme, and enter the following values.

Isabella Isabella Light
Background: #333335 Background: #f9f9f9
Foreground: #d1d1d1 Foreground: #4c4f59
Highlight: #be4318 Highlight: #be4318
Accent: #101013 Accent: #cccccc
[✔] Apply Accent Color to Window [✔] Apply Accent Color to Window
Corner Rounding: Default Corner Rounding: Default

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