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Isabella for the Vivaldi Forums.
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Isabella for the Vivaldi Forums.



  1. Install the Stylus extension.
  2. Head to the UserStyles page
  3. Click "Install Syle

Alternatively, I highly recommend using luetage's Vivaldi Forum Mod extension, which allows you to customize the colors of the Vivaldi forums. It's not really easier than using Stylus, but it has a bunch of other cool features that make it worth using.

Although using this skin via Stylus and using the Vivaldi Forum Mod at the same time won't break anything.

So, to install using the Vivaldi Forum Mod:

  1. Install the Vivaldi Forum Mod from here.
  2. Open the Vivaldi Forum Mod's options page.
  3. Under "Theme Machine" click on any of the available themes and click "Import"
  4. Paste this code into the input box that opens: {"themeName":"Isabella","colorBg":"#333335","colorFg":"#d1d1d1","colorHi":"#be4318","colorBtn":"#6176a5","colorDrop":"#455182","colorLi":"#be4318","colorLi2":"#be4318"}
  5. Click "Save."
  6. Refresh any open Vivaldi Forum tabs.
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