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A collection of useful tips/tricks/hints for Isabelle users.

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Isabelle Community Cookbook

What is this?

This repository contains the resources for the isabelle community cookbook. The cookbook contains a collection of useful tips/tricks/hints for Isabelle users.

How to contribute

If you want to add/udpdate an entry, simply add/edit the corresponding entry in the corresponding directory and create a pull request. If you need help, simply create an issue.

Build site locally

To build and view the website locally, see here.


  • Add CI and html output for linked theory files (cf current Makefile)
  • Move material from
  • Recipes for proving existential statements
  • Primer on conversions
  • Latex tips
  • Debugging ML code (print_tac, print antiquotation, debugger etc.)
  • Overview of different tactics (should also include rewrite etc.)
  • Difference between methods and tactics
  • Namespacing of operators and more with bundles
  • Function package tutorial
  • Isabelle/jEdit FAQ. For instance: how do I get symbols to display properly?