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HackHer413 2020


Description as a Tweet:

We are preventing inaccessibility before it even arises! Using computer vision algorithms, we allow engineers and interior designers to align their designs to accessibility regulations and best practices. This improves the quality of life for every differently-abled person.


We wanted to gain empathy to improve the quality of life for differently-abled people. Our name is not only inspired by the nature of the project (for housing accessibility) but it also represents the language we all learned an aspect of (Python) and the pair of mentors that helped us get very far (Katie and David House) (though it was through the collective effort of many mentors that we finished our project in time).

What it does:

It is primarily a checklist for engineers, architects, interior designers, and other home creators. It prevents accessibility issues before they even arise. Using computer vision to "check off" the different requirements for making an accessible home makes it even more convenient for creators to tailor their designs to the user that requires accommodations.

How we built it:

We created the computer vision algorithm using OpenCV and Google Colab. We created the website using Django.

Technologies we used:

HTML/CSS JavaScript Python Django AI/Machine Learning

Challenges we ran into:

The team was ideating until almost 10 in the evening, which gave us even less time to code. We were all using technologies we never used before, and there was a relatively steep learning curve. We got really sleepy real quick. And it was cold.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

We learned new technologies, described below. Our curiosity brought us to new places and it allowed us to learn so much more than we would have otherwise. Our team is really proud of the new technologies that we learned; we either learned computer vision from scratch on the fly, or creating a web app on the fly. Regardless of the outcomes, we certainly feel accomplished.

What we've learned:

Not only did we learn new technologies (Python OpenCV and Django) but we also learned linear algebra and photography physics.

What's next:

In the future, we hope to implement a second camera to have a better estimation of the dimensions of an image. We also hope to have a better user interface for the front-end.

Built with:

We created the computer vision algorithm using OpenCV and Google Colab. We created the website using Django.


Computer vision for improving the quality of life of differently-abled persons






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