A Swift Blogging Platform. (Vapor)
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📖 English | 📖 中文

A Swift Blogging Platform. Simple and Powerful. (in development...)


Currently in the development of state,plans will have many features, like markdown,theme,plugins...

About database, currently only support mysql for development, follow-up may support more.



style based on Pure


  1. Install Vapor Toolbox
  2. Install & Config MySQL
  3. Build - vapor build
  4. Run - vapor run

then you will see:

➜  NSPress git:(master) vapor run
Running NSPress...
No command supplied, defaulting to serve...
Database prepared
Server 'default' starting at

Ok, open on your browser, you can see everything.


Join the welcoming community in Slack


Follow and contact me on Twitter or Sina Weibo. If you find an issue, just open a ticket. Pull requests are warmly welcome as well.