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Generates popular themes from for the terminal emulator.
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Theme generator for


Just to be safe

In order to keep your existing schemes make sure you backup your custom color schemes from the ~/.config/tilix/schemes directory. In some cases if you have a scheme that has the same name with the new scheme this script overwrites it. So, it is your responsibility to take care of your files. Also, this directory is by default, if you use custom take that one into consideration.


Then to install, first, you need to clone this repository with the sub-modules as follows:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Then, dive into the local repository and claim the script

cd gogh-to-tilix/
chmod +x

Now we can run the script. But, the script requires your tilix color-scheme folder. it is ~/.config/tilix/schemes by default. If you use a different directory give that directory to script. Also, make sure that the directory exists.

./ ~/.config/tilix/schemes

And.. You're done! Enjoy..


You can regulary check the sub-module repo and pull from remote. Then you simply re-run the installation process.


Again, you should change the execute permissions of

cd gogh-to-tilix/
chmod +x

Then, yet again, run the script. But, -again- the script requires the path for the schemes.

./ ~/.config/tilix/schemes


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