Sass or SCSS highlighting? #48

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Any plans to add Sass and SCSS code highlighting? You'd be my hero :)


isagalaev commented Mar 12, 2012

I have nothing to do with it actually: most language definitions are contributed by community. So it's the usual staff: either contribute it yourself or find someone who can do it (docs are here: I don't work with these two languages so it's pretty safe bet they won't come from me personally :-). And if you have any questions, please write to a group:!forum/highlightjs

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isagalaev commented Mar 16, 2012

… which doesn't mean we shouldn't support it too since both highlighters are quite different in some aspects. I also encourage to move the rest of the discussion to the group (!forum/highlightjs) and leave GitHub issue tracker for open issues. Thanks!

pumbur commented Mar 17, 2012

there also stylus (; and its backward-compatible with css (and partly with sass)
and some other dialects like mapcss (

may be should make one style language defenition (or just leave it css for compatibility)


scien commented Aug 23, 2014

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