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1.2 (Unreleased)

  • Allow alternate redis database to be selected when calling setBackend by supplying a second argument (patrickbajao)
  • Use require_once when including php-resque after the app has been included in the sample resque.php to prevent include conflicts (andrewjshults)
  • Wrap job arguments in an array to improve compatibility with ruby resque (warezthebeef)
  • Fix a bug where the worker would spin out of control taking the server with it, if the redis connection was interrupted even briefly. Use SIGPIPE to trap this scenario cleanly. (d11wtq)
  • Added support of Redis prefix (namespaces) (hlegius)
  • When reserving jobs, check if the payload received from popping a queue is a valid object (fix bug whereby jobs are reserved based on an erroneous payload) (salimane)
  • Re-enable autoload for class_exists in Job.php (humancopy)
  • Fix lost jobs when there is more than one worker process started by the same parent process (salimane)
  • Move include for resque before APP_INCLUDE is loaded in, so that way resque is available for the app
  • Avoid working with dirty worker IDs (salimane)

1.1 (2011-03-27)

  • Update Redisent library for Redis 2.2 compatibility. Redis 2.2 is now required. (thedotedge)
  • Trim output of ps to remove any prepended whitespace (KevBurnsJr)
  • Use getenv instead of $_ENV for better portability across PHP configurations (hobodave)
  • Add support for sub-second queue check intervals (KevBurnsJr)
  • Ability to specify a cluster/multiple redis servers and consistent hash between them (dceballos)
  • Change arguments for jobs to be an array as they're easier to work with in PHP.
  • Implement ability to have setUp and tearDown methods for jobs, called before and after every single run.
  • Fix APP_INCLUDE environment variable not loading correctly.
  • Jobs are no longer defined as static methods, and classes are instantiated first. This change is NOT backwards compatible and requires job classes are updated.
  • Job arguments are passed to the job class when it is instantiated, and are accessible by $this->args. This change will break existing job classes that rely on arguments that have not been updated.
  • Bundle sample script for managing php-resque instances using monit
  • Fix undefined variable $child when exiting on non-forking operating systems
  • Add PIDFILE environment variable to write out a PID for single running workers

1.0 (2010-04-18)

  • Initial release