QUTest makes it easy to run unit tests from the command line with phantomjs. It supports QUnit and Pavlov.
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QUTest is a QUnit based unit test runner. It was mainly created for simplifying the execution of unit tests from the command line with phantomjs.

Running tests from the command line

In order to run tests with phantomjs from the commandline you need to install phantomjs on your machine, and then run:
./run TESTFILE_1 [...[TESTFILE_N]]

For example: ./run example-test-*

Instructions for building phantomjs are found there: http://code.google.com/p/phantomjs/wiki/BuildInstructions

On Mac or Windows, you can use the binaries from here: http://code.google.com/p/phantomjs/downloads/list

Your testcases should be written in JavaScript (or possibly compiled from e.g. CoffeeScript to JavaScript) and can make use of either or both of QUnit and Pavlov.

It's possible to customize ouput a bit, e.g.:
./run example-test-*.js --show-colors=0 --show-passed-tests=1

(Check the CONFIG in test-runner.coffee for more possible configurations.)

Running tests from any web browser

You can also run the tests from any browser.

(For your convenience, when tests are executed with phantomjs from the command line the test runner will also print the corresponding URL for the tests, so that you can easily run the tests in your browser(s) as well.)

To run the bundled test examples, open this URL in your web browser:

file://cwd/test.html?injects=example-test-qunit.js,example-test-pavlov.js (cwd should be the full path to the current directory.)

For your convenience, run something like this from your terminal: x-www-browser file://$(pwd)/test.html?injects=$(echo *.js | tr ' ' ,)

Replace x-www-browser with open in OS X.

Testing QUTest

QUTest itself is automatically tested on BuildHive.

Build Status