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// enforcing, over defaults
"curly": true, // Require {} for every new block or scope
"eqeqeq": true, // Require triple equals (===) for comparison
//"eqnull": true, // Tolerate use of `== null`
"immed": true, // Require wrapping IIFE in parens e.g. `(function () {} ());`
"iterator": false, // No `__iterator__` property
"latedef": true, // Require variables/functions to be defined before being used
"newcap": true, // Require capitalization of all constructor functions e.g. `new F()`
"noarg": true, // Prohibit use of `arguments.caller` and `arguments.callee`
"onevar": true, // Only one `var` statement per function
"trailing": true, // Prohibit trailing whitespace
"undef": true, // Require all non-global variables to be declared
"unused": true, // Require all defined variables be used
//"white": false, // Check against strict whitespace and indentation rules
// relaxing, over defaults
"globalstrict": true, // Allow global "use strict" (also enables 'strict')
// env
//"devel": true, // Development/debugging (alert, confirm, etc)
"node": true, // node.js
"yui": true
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