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A couple comments:

  1. As currently implemented, these have an algebird dependency, which means "isarn_collections" has an algebird dep.
  2. You can see I'm assuming we are going to use domain name "isarnproject.org"
  3. I'm using underscores in names "isarn_collections" because sbt isarn-collections/compile doesn't work, but isarn_collections/compile does
erikerlandson commented Aug 29, 2016 edited

Possibly it would help to just use % "provided" for the algebird lib.

Another approach might be to have our own internal algebra types, and require implicit conversions in the signatures, with a separate subproject for conversions from external algebra libs to ours. That gets rid of any external algebra lib deps and allows us to operate with multiple ones

A third option is to be opioninated wrt one of these algebra libs (I might favor cats these days), but require implicit conversions, and so allow other libs to interoperate. Would this allow us to not expose the dependency?


@willb I have the tree/map collections decoupled from algebird (except in testing)

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