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The purpose of this fork is to improve the long term runtime behavior of CraftBeerPI. So the first steps are to improve logging (better log statements, rolling file appender) and save sensor readings in a timeseries database. As it is unclear at the moment how the development of the original fork will progress, I like to invite everyone to parti…
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CraftBeerPi V3.0

This is CraftBeerPi version 3.0. It's currently in beta status.

Introduction Video


Open a terminal window on Raspberry Pi and type:

git clone

This will download (clone) the software to your local Raspberry Pi.

Type cd craftbeerpi3 to navigate into the craftbeerpi folder.

Type sudo ./

Hardware Wiring

Here you will find a guide how to wire everything up.


CraftBeerPi 3.0 is a complete rewrite. Server as well as user interface. I recommend to use a second SD card for testing.

Docker-based development

For developing this application or its plugins on a PC/Mac you can use the docker-compose file:

$ docker-compose up
Starting craftbeerpi3_app_1 ... done
Attaching to craftbeerpi3_app_1
app_1  | [2018-08-13 12:54:44,264] ERROR in __init__: BUZZER not working
app_1  | (1) wsgi starting up on

The contents of this folder will be mounted to /usr/src/craftbeerpi3 and the server will be accesible on localhost:3000.


CraftBeerPi is a free & open source project. If you like to support the project I happy about a donation:


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