Blender addon that adds support for editing vertex and split normals.
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- performance optimization for normals list creation
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Normals editor for Blender 2.74+

WIP, wiki will be updated to reflect current changes soon


  • Normals editor for split and vertex normals
  • Manual Editing by input vector or a rotating arrow object
  • Automatic generation of normals using different presets:
    • allows generating normals for selected vertices, faces, or the selected mesh
    • supported methods:
      • Default
      • Bent from cursor location
      • Smooth (average of connected/selected face normals)
      • Weighted (using face areas as weights)
      • Flat (if using split normals)
      • Transfer (originally based on Vrav's Transfer Vertex Normals)
    • Pie menu with auto-generate presets and mode switcher
      • bound to Mouse Button 4 by default, set up in ''
      • refer to 'keyslist.txt' for key names
      • search for: 'kmi ='wm.call_menu_pie', 'BUTTON4MOUSE', 'PRESS')'


1.0.3 (current)

  • performance optimization: removed function call to create normals data


  • Transfer now takes split normals into account for source objects (if available)
  • removed last instance of average calculation, removed an unused variable in transfer functions


  • removed old face index variable
  • added new mode enum to cleanup


  • New Feature:
    • added new manual edit mode using a manipulator object
  • General Code Cleanup:
    • removed some unused variables left over from testing features
    • removed unneeded average calculations (let normalization handle it)
    • created common functions to build mesh data used by all other functions
    • switched vertex normal editing to bmesh
  • UI:
    • moved shared selection-related variables to data (top) tab
    • Generate panel overhaul - back to ENUM to save UI space
  • Generate:
    • added weighted normals mode (by connected face areas)


  • fixed ridiculous memory usage + half-working split normals transfer caused by typos


  • overhauled Transfer functions:
    • transfer should no longer reset existing normals
    • fixed weird behavior with 'selected only' enabled
    • created specialized version of the function for split normals
    • added toggle to use face selection instead of vertex selection while using split normals


  • fixed Default Auto-generate mode for split normals in Blender 2.75 (change should also work in older versions)
  • tooltip text fixes
  • consolidated pie menu and other functions into one file, removed unneeded temp_data file
  • added a function to flip normals on selected object
  • pie menu is now only for Auto-Generate modes, no more bad attempt at nested pie menus :)


  • moved Transfer tool to Auto-Generate section of panel
  • Transfer mode updated to use the Selected Only toggle to generate for selection
  • consolidated variables


  • rewrote transfer vertex normals for speed + compatibility
  • ui fixes/optimizations
  • generation speed optimizations
  • changed way the script detects normals to use
  • added Flat generation mode (split normals only)
  • removed some unneeded variables


  • added transfer functionality to ui panel
  • menu usability optimizations
  • added license
  • moved variables back to init file
  • changed pie menu icons


  • initial upload