Modified FBX exporter for Blender with some additions for use with UDK/UE4.
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- updated to match final FBX Tools exporter
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UDK/UE4 Blender FBX Exporter

Standalone exporter from my old normals editor.
based on the fbx exporter included in Blender 2.68

_ Additions + fixes _

  • supports Blender's split normals, normals created by adsn's Rcalc Vertex Normals addon and my old FBX Normals Tools
  • exports Blender's tangents (Mikk TSpace) for custom normals
  • custom export UI panel
  • uses the root bone as root instead of creating its own
    • includes some modifications to armature rotations to allow this
  • combine vertex color channels on export


v1.0.0 (current):

  • updated to match final FBX Tools version