Graphics editor for Android.
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Pretty Painter - application  for drawing and entertainment!
Create your masterpieces or make simple sketches! It's a great way to spend your free time!

Application features:
- Size, color and type tool setting
- Work result saving
- Setting picture as wallpaper
- Opening of the previously created files
- Undo the last action
- Sending a file via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. (Client application must be installed)

Versions history:
***** v1.17 *****
- Fixed incorrect work of undo/redo functions after the loss of canvas focus 
- Graphics interface optimize

***** v1.16 *****
- Improve the undo/redo algorithms
- Fixed the "just a blank screen" error on some devices
- Changed some menu icons

***** v1.15 *****
- Ability to set a picture as a wallpaper added. Thanks Constantine Chartomatzis 
- Added a setting behavior when exiting the application 
- Added backup setting for opened files    
- Added an action setting for volume control buttons
- Improved orientation determination of opened files 
- Fixed a bug resulting in data loss when opening the hardware keyboard

***** v1.11 *****
- Scale added with opening large files
- Blank screen bug fixed in brush settings window, after cleaning canvas in Android 2.3.3
- Double save after screen rotation removed
- Graphics interface optimize

***** v1.1 *****
- File open function added (only png supported)
- Undo function added 
- Settings added
- Permissions changed
- Application main icon changed
- Tools icons changed
- A lot of small modifications

***** v1.02 *****
- Fixed a bug in the brush settings window. Options did not display in Android 2.3.3 (Thanks to Rinat (RendeRR)) 
- Fixed screen flicker when entering and leaving the brush installations window in Android 2.1 
- Fixed a bug causing a discharge of the brush in the setup window 
- Fixed bug of blur mismatch (inner and outer) to menu items 
- Fixed a bug when you turn the new, changed, but not saved file, resulting in data loss

***** v1.01 *****
- Fixed bug when sharing a new, unmodified file, that causes the crash application

***** v1.0 *****
- Release