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Remote Potato Server - a free streaming server to stream all media on a PC to browsers, apps, etc See and

Build Instructions

Remote Potato is a Visual Studio 2012 solution file. For Media Center support, you should build Remote Potato on a machine that has Windows 7 Media Center installed so that the required Microsoft libraries mcstore.dll and mcepg.dll can be accessed from their locations in c:\windows\ehome

Developer Notes

Before doing anything, you should take a look at the class overview document contained within the root folder; here you will find information as to where to begin.

Issues etc

This is an initial release, there may be ommissions - please let me know of anything important via Github

Project Maintenance

We are looking for people to maintain and develop this project - please get in touch if you are interested by emailing me - carl at remotepotato dot com


ANY use of the Remote Potato Server source code is under GPL licence version 3 - see


Carlos (original author)


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