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Displays an auto-updating per-second count of the number of packets and bytes being handled by each specified NIC, and on multi-queue NICs shows the per-queue statistics too.

Usage: ethq [-g] [-t] <interface> [interface ...].

With -t specified the display just scrolls on the terminal, otherwise it runs in an auto-refreshing window.

For information about the -g flag see "NIC Support", below.


This software only runs on Linux. It requires a C++11 compiler and the NCurses library.

NIC Support

The format of the names of the statistics values from a NIC is highly driver specific.

The code currently supports the output from the following NIC drivers:

  • Amazon AWS ena
  • Broadcom bnx2, bnx2x, tg3
  • Emulex be2net
  • Intel e1000e, igb, ixgbe, i40e, iavf, ice
  • Mellanox mlx5_core, mlx4_en
  • NXP fsl_dpaa2_eth
  • RealTek r8169
  • Solarflare sfc
  • Virtio virtio_net
  • VMware vmxnet3

The -g flag allows for fallback to a generic driver that knows how to parse statistics in this format:

rx_packets: 567425
tx_packets: 274383
rx_bytes: 703224479
tx_bytes: 31313190

To request support for additional NICs, please raise a github issue and include the output of ethtool -i and attach the output of ethtool -S for your interface.