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ISC Performance Requirements and Installation

The ISC Performance Lab is written for NodeJS 8+ and MongoDB 2.6+. To allow for separation of the actual testing and the web UI the system is split into two processes, perflab-tester and perflab-httpd. The former runs on the same server as the server under test, whilst the latter should be run on a separate system.

perflab-tester takes care of reading configurations and queue settings from the database, starting tests, and recording the test results in the database. perflab-httpd serves HTTP static content and provides a RESTful interface to the database, and also provides a WebSocket interface over which UI clients learn about configuration and queue status changes in real-time and automatically update the UI in response to those changes.

NB: this is unsupported software from an internal research project, released for the benefit of the DNS community. The project is maintained by Ray Bellis. Please use the Github issue tracker for comments, suggestions. Pull requests are welcome, but response times are not guaranteed.

More more information see the contents of the doc/ folder.