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Fixed a bug with file handling and another bug with inter-process communication.


Minor changes to prepare for merging upstream


The changes in this version were created by Shea Polansky from Independent Security Evaluators. Previous versions were created by Michal Dardas from


  • Different types of mocks
    • Basic --- the old behavior
    • URL redirects --- transparently redirect requests to a new URL
    • File Contents --- reads response from a specified file
    • Pipe to Process --- Pipe the (cleartext) request to a process and reply with the STDOUT from that process
    • CGI Script --- Call a CGI script and return the results
  • Added UI features to access new functionality


  • Various internal API changes to support new functionality
  • Now saves mock entries as JSON data in Burp's settings database
  • Fixed a handful of UI bugs



  • Confirm adding too large entryInput (optional)
  • Do not display too large responses in editor (optional)



  • Mock a branch in the Site Map
  • Multi selection in the mock table
  • Save to JSON / Load from JSON
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