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Hola for Hexo

I love this magic to the world

[Preview / 预览]


How use it?

中文文档 | Issues

First, we need to install Hexo. But that's so easy, so i think you can do it.

The next . Use terminal input the next command.

cd /your_hexo_path/theme/

Now. We move to your blog. We need use Git clone the repertory. Use terminal input the next command.

git clone

Wait a moment. Hola has been installed to your Hexo. it's so easy.

All right. Let's turn it on! You need to edit your_hexo_path/_config.yml. find theme the param. Change it.

theme: Hola


On the footer, Count the number of words, but you need to install the expand.

Use terminal input the next command.

npm install hexo-wordcount

Nice! At now, You need to edit your_hexo_path/config.yml. find footer_wordcount the param and change it to enabled.

About the theme Individualization, You need to wait for yourself to find out.

: ) Happy Coding.