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EasyDPL corpus
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EasyDPL corpus

Drug Package Leaflets (DPLs) provide information for patients on how to safely use medicines. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for producing these documents.

However, several studies have shown that patients usually have problems in understanding sections describing posology (dosage quantity and prescription), contraindications and adverse drug reactions.

EasyDPL is a collection of drug package leaflets where adverse drug effects are annotated and an easier synonym is provided for each adverse drug effect. We provide the dataset in two different formats: XML and BRAT.

Please, if you use our corpus, remember to cite this paper:

Segura-Bedmar, I., & Martínez, P. (2017). Simplifying drug package leaflets written in Spanish by using word embedding. Journal of biomedical semantics, 8(1), 45.

Contact Info:

This dataset has been created by Hulat Group at University Carlos III of Madrid. Contact address: or

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