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Continuous-integration Auto-updates

This tap contains different versions that you can install in parallel to the latest version provided by the official cask.

Install one of the previous versions by tapping this repository and running the install command.

Installing one of the versions here

brew tap isen-ng/dotnet-sdk-versions
brew cask install <version>

dotnet --list-sdks


Version DotNet SDK Remarks
dotnet-sdk-3.1.100 dotnet 3.1.101 Conflicts with official cask if OS > sierra. Latest LTS
dotnet-sdk-3.0.100 dotnet 3.0.102
dotnet-sdk-2.2.400 dotnet 2.2.402 Conflicts with official cask if OS == sierra
dotnet-sdk-2.2.300 dotnet 2.2.301
dotnet-sdk-2.2.200 dotnet 2.2.207
dotnet-sdk-2.2.100 dotnet 2.2.110
dotnet-sdk-2.1.800 dotnet 2.1.803
dotnet-sdk-2.1.500 dotnet 2.1.511
dotnet-sdk-2.1.400 dotnet 2.1.403


Because the dotnet packages uses shared dependencies between different versions, it is unwise to delete these dependencies when uninstalling a particular version as it will cause other versions not to work.

If there is a need to purge these dependencies, use the zap command:

brew cask zap <version>

Important: Uninstalling the offical version will also remove these dependencies, so you'll need to reinstall the particular version you want to use again.

Using a particular version

The dotnet command will automatically use the latest appropriate version unless specified by global.json.

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