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dotnet-sdk versions tap

Continuous-integration Auto-updater Auto-committer

This tap contains different versions that you can install in parallel to the latest version provided by the official cask.

Install one of the previous versions by tapping this repository and running the install command.

Installing one of the versions here

brew tap isen-ng/dotnet-sdk-versions
brew install --cask <version>

dotnet --list-sdks


Version .NET SDK Arch Remarks
dotnet-sdk8-0-200 8.0.204 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk8-0-100 8.0.101 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk7-0-400 7.0.408 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk7-0-300 7.0.306 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk7-0-200 7.0.203 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk7-0-100 7.0.102 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk6-0-400 6.0.421 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk6-0-300 6.0.303 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk6-0-200 6.0.202 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk6-0-100 6.0.108 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk5-0-400 5.0.408 x64 When installed on arm64, use dotnetx64
dotnet-sdk5-0-200 5.0.209 x64 When installed on arm64, use dotnetx64
dotnet-sdk3-1-400 3.1.426 x64 When installed on arm64, use dotnetx64
dotnet-sdk3-1-300 3.1.302 x64
dotnet-sdk3-1-200 3.1.202 x64
dotnet-sdk3-1-100 3.1.120 x64
dotnet-sdk3-0-100 3.0.103 x64
dotnet-sdk2-2-400 2.2.402 x64
dotnet-sdk2-2-300 2.2.301 x64
dotnet-sdk2-2-200 2.2.207 x64
dotnet-sdk2-2-100 2.2.110 x64
dotnet-sdk2-1-800 2.1.818 x64
dotnet-sdk2-1-500 2.1.526 x64
dotnet-sdk2-1-400 2.1.403 x64

Note: Installing .NET SDK 5 using this tap or the official package from Microsoft will uninstall all other .NET SDKs on your machine. To overcome this you'll need to re-install the SDK versions you want from this tap after installing/upgrading to .NET SDK 5.

Preview versions

Version .NET SDK Arch Remarks
dotnet-sdk9-preview 9.0.100-preview.3.24204.13 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk8-preview 8.0.101-rc.2.23502.2 x64 & arm64
dotnet-sdk7-preview 7.0.100-rc.2.22477.23 x64 & arm64

Note: Preview versions is a newly supported feature (as of September 2022). Please send feedback/create issues if there are problems with the compatibility of the preview versions.


Because the .NET SDK packages uses shared dependencies between different versions, it is unwise to delete these dependencies when uninstalling a particular version as it will cause other versions not to work.

If there is a need to purge these dependencies, use the zap flag:

brew uninstall --zap --cask <version>

Important: Uninstalling the offical version will also remove these dependencies, so you'll need to reinstall the particular version you want to use again.

Using a particular version

The dotnet command will automatically use the latest appropriate version unless specified by a global.json.