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HP-41: Taking notes on the calculator

NOTE: This program is part of the ISENE.ROM ( The FOCAL listing can be found in the "src" folder of that project. Any updates and new version will be found there.

No real PDA can do withou a quick notes taker. The same goes for the best PDA ever created: The HP-41.

The simple feature list:

  • Simple interface for adding new notes
  • Listing notes (or printing them if a printer is attatched
  • Editing, sorting and searching

Here is the key mapping (what shows in the programs menu is in parenthesis):

Label (Menu) Description
NOTES Starts the NOTES program. Shows some of the mapping for the top keys so that you don’t have to remember this list. Pressing R/S will give you the version number of NOTES, another R/S will get you back to the mapping/menu..
N+ Enter the note in the alpha register. Then XEQ “N+”. This is a global label so that you can assign it to a key for easy entry of new appointments.
LBL A (+) Same as N+ above, but used inside the program.
LBL a (-) Delete the current record.
LBL B (L) List all notes. If you have a printer attatched, it will print them.
LBL b (E) Edit the current note (calls ED)
LBL C (?) Search the notes file for string in alpha register.
LBL D (S) Forces a sort of the notes file (“NOTES”).
LBL d (/) Forces shrinkage of the “NOTES”-file..
LBL E (*) Go back to the menu.

Technical notes: This program needs an HP-41CX or the equivalent. It also needs an ascii file called “NOTES” to store the events. It further needs the programs “FLSORT” and “FLSZ+”.


This software is released into the Public Domain.


HP-41: Taking notes on the calculator






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